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OCEAN is an officially registered in 1999 as non-political, non-religion and non-profit organization, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The mission of OCEAN is to promote entrepreneurship and leadership among Chinese-American and support their endeavor of building successful enterprises by engaging in the following activities:
(1) providing a forum for information exchange among members;
(2) Acting as a bridge for Chinese and US business communities to develop mutual understanding, cooperation and create business opportunities;
(3) Educating members with best business practices, management and investment skills;
(4) Promoting new small business establishments to generate more employment opportunities.

Greater Boston and nearby New York areas are the most economically and culturally active regions in the US. Over 200 universities and colleges as well as hundreds of research institutes and hi-tech companies provides a huge pool of technical and business talents combined with easy access to numerous venture capitals make this area a land of promise and opportunities for new entrepreneurs.

The organization structure and operation are focused on five Clubs (Entrepreneurship Club, CEO Club, MBA-Club, Investment Club and Capital & Financing Club), and Two Centers (Education Center and Technology Center).
Over the years, OCEAN's guest speakers including venture capitalists, law practitioners, entrepreneurs, professors, and high rank US and Chinese government officials covered wide range of topics.

Some of our prominent guest speakers including:
Mr. Samuel T. Mok, Chief financial officer of US Department of Labor,
Dr. Huiqing Jin, Vice Chair of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce.

Ocean Education Center with 12 MBA professors from prestigious universities, 80 company CEOs, 30 investment experts, and 20 VC and Bank managers to serve all members with highest quality training programs has conducted 6 consecutive Business Administration training programs with professors from top business schools. Over 210 students have completed the training. It has successfully delivered the training to five EMBA groups from Qinghua University and Zhongsan University of China with EMBA programs in Boston.

OCEAN Technology Center organized several visit and explore academic and business opportunities in China. As host, OCEAN has received over 30 delegations from China. Many Chinese American entrepreneurs benefited greatly from these programs and activities and successfully started their own business or explored new career opportunities both in US and China.

Since its foundation, OCEAN has grown tremendously and attracted over thousands registered members with diversified background including science, education, legal service, business management, public service and many other areas.

OCEAN has established several Branches with thousands members (Besides OCEAN in California, OCEAN has following branches: OCEAN-Philadelphia, established in 2003; OCEAN-CT, established in 2004; and OCEAN-Washington DC, established in 2005).

OCEAN is striving to be one of the most active and successful organizations for Chinese American professionals in North America, we are exploring many new exciting programs through our strategic alliance/cooperation with many organizations both in China and US.