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MBA Training Program


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Many forces have joined to produce enormous opportunities for overseas Chinese entrepreneurs to do business between the USA and China, and for Chinese enterprises to expand their business internationally. Since China has joined the World Trade Organization, an entrepreneurial spirit has awakened many Chinese ex-patriots to pursue exciting and often rewarding business opportunities, especially in the fast growing Chinese economy.

However, many of these entrepreneurs and enterprises have discovered, often through painful experience, that an innovative idea and a desire to succeed are not enough. Knowledge of business administration is crucial to the success of a high technology based company or a start-up business for overseas Chinese entrepreneurs and people joining Chinese international enterprises. Skill in overcoming international differences is equally important.

OCEAN has been very successful in organizing this Business Administration Training Program and has trained more than 300 entrepreneurs and professionals in the past 9 years. People have proudly called the first five terms High Tech "Huangpu First Term" through "Huangpu nine Term". We have successfully cooperated in the USA with the CEOs group from the E-MBA training program of Tsinghua University, Zhongshan University and many other universities in China. This year, many members are looking forward to an even better program - "Huangpu Eleventh Term (MBA-11)".

This is a "can't miss" opportunity in your life. There are many unique features of this training program that regular MBA classes do not have. Class lectures are in English, but a lot of difficult terms are explained in Chinese. All professors are from prestigious US universities. These Chinese-American professors have studied the Chinese economy extensively and will give an interesting comparison between China and the USA in many different respects. You will get an excellent networking opportunity with classmates who have similar enthusiasm in exploring new opportunities, improving leadership skills and maximizing personal impact and capability in their career.