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Annual Summer Outing


This was the first member event since Dr. Wan Wu became the President and Chairman of OCEAN. There were more than 80 people that attended this event. Dr. Wu gave a well recieved opening remarks, announced OCEAN's activity will come back to the normal level. He and his team are also looking for some progress for OCEAN in his two year term.

The following is undergoing effort by the new management team:
--- VP Roger Yang is responsible for the membership reform,
--- VP TianQi Wang will run the monthly/bi monthly member gathering;
--- VP of OCEAN Education Centre KaiBin Wu will keep running BMA Class,
--- OCEAN's websites will also be improved over the time leading by General Secretary Yingzi Li,
--- Board of Director Dong Liu will be responsible for expanding the Sino-US business relation.

Vice Chairman Jacky Li, TianQi Wang, Roger Yang, KaiBin Wu each gave a brief speech. Ru Zheng, the vice General Manager from NACENA also gave a resourceful speech as guest speaker.

Jacky wished that OCEAN grow up and improve our quality of humanity. He'll contribute his 12 year successful business experience to help OCEAN on the way. Roger will bring a new proposal for membership quickly. TianQi has already formed his committee to do the job and got the first speaker on that day. Our members wouldn't have to wait too long to get the detailed message. To be useful and practical will be the base of the training. Kaibin has started his recruiting and ask all members for help.

OCEAN Board members and all members showed their great support to this event. VP Jing Zhao and his wife Ting Wang, Xing Zhang, the key member from MBA Class three, Kaibin, etc. They went to the Cochituate Park at 9:00am to reserve the great water front spot for us. Director of Administer Haidong You and his wife Wangni Tian, President Wan Wu and his wife Mona prepared the barbecues for us. Key member from MBA Class four DaYong Li was a great help on the cooking......

Vice Chairman Zhuang Su, Board of Director Professor Raymond Liu, Board of Director Jie Mao, Board of Director HaiYan Huang, Professor Liang Tang also attended the event. Kevin Fang, the Executive Vice President from SAPA also came to join us and showed his support. Joe Wong called to congratulate us for our great event. He regrets that he didn't come.

Chutze, the reporter from Sintao Daily had published an article about our cook out Tuesday, August 1st. Please check out JiShiBao for the published news of this event.

Please feel free to contact the following board members if you have any concerns and suggestions:

Roger Yang -- membership, (978) 930-1993,,
TianQi Wang -- monthly/bi-monthly training, (978) 590-1438,
KaiBin Wu -- MBA Class Seven, (617) 909-0199,,
Dong Liu -- Sino-US Business relation,,
Yingzi Li -- General Secretary, (781)5267512,
Jennifer Zhu -- In general, (617) 922-0718,
OCEAN belongs to all OCEAN members. Together, we'll make OCEAN better, and better.